Copley Square Farmers’ Market



Let’s get real and talk about our food. Let us pay respect to local farmers who grow their food with love and dedication.

We realize that it may be a bit late to talk about the farmers’ market now that fall is practically here, but it still isn’t over and it deserves as much attention as the warm weather would grant us. We love learning about what’s in season for New England and local farmers’ markets are a great way to interact with the people who are passionate and knowledgeable about their foods.

Flower Leili


In New England, we have the privilege of weathering all four seasons and witness what the changing climates give us. As we head into fall, we can expect some lovely squash, potatoes, apples, and etc. Have a look around the market – it’s always bustling with excitement and a great place to discover new ingredients.


Here are a few of our favorite stands to visit and the items we are always excited to see:

Siena Farms is located in Sudbury, MA and they have the nicest people working the market every week. They have juicy tomatoes, delicious fairy eggplants, beautiful leeks, and some gorgeous farm eggs. Seriously you have to try their eggs. They also have these lovely sunflowers that will cheer you up instantly and give your home a piece of summer. Siena Farms also has a brick and mortar store in Boston’s South End.

Atlas Farms is stationed in Deerfield, MA. They are our go-to for leafy vegetables such as kale and bok choy. They carry different varieties of beets and carrots. Atlas Farms also have lovely floral bouquets they sell from a neighboring farm.

Grass Root Farm’s meats come out of New Braintree, MA. They boast a large selection of different cuts from different animals. My first attempt at working with pork belly came from this farm.

The Herb Lyceum Kitchen of Groton, MA is a good stand to visit if you are looking for herbs and other spices. The lavender syrup that we made used the lavender from this place. They also sell sandwiches and wraps if you get hungry from looking at all the food. Check out the lavender syrup here.



Go mingle with the farmers!



Here is some additional information about the farms.

Copley Sq Farmers’ Market is open from May until the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The hours are from 11am to 6pm.

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