Turkey Kale Hash

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So after my favorite holiday comes my favorite leftovers. For Thanksgiving I make extras of everything just so I can have a ton of food to ‘snack’ on later. I am shameless about this and this is why I stay in a food coma for about a week after Turkey Day has passed.


However, I do occasionally grow tired of eating the exact same plate of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This dish is a lighter take on brunch while utilizing what you may already have in the fridge from the big feast. I suppose this is a way to ease myself out of guilt when I go back to injecting stuffing and mashed potatoes into my veins.


Don’t feel limited to only using the ingredients I have listed below. Go scavenge for whatever is left in the refrigerator and then throw it altogether like a wiz. This is merely a suggestion.



Go wild.

– W.

Turkey Kale Hash
By W.
Serves about 2

5 cups of kale, chopped
1½ cup of turkey strips
½ of an onion, cut into half-rings
6-7 cremini mushrooms, sliced
2 eggs
Small bundle of thyme, about 1 teaspoon if loose
1-teaspoon balsamic vinegar
Chives, chopped
Salt and pepper

Before I get to the cooking process, I’ll make a couple points: Try to dry the kale as much as possible before cooking and please use whatever turkey meat you have on hand. No need to be fancy.

In a large pan or skillet over high heat, place the onions in without any oil. Let is toast for about 30 seconds and then add in 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Reduce down to medium high heat and add a pinch of salt. This will be the longest part of the recipe because you are waiting for the onions to brown and caramelize a little, around 7-10 minutes.

Once they are brown and soft, add mushrooms and add another pinch of salt and drizzle of olive oil. Toss in the thyme – if you want to pick off the leaves beforehand, go for it – I just got lazy. Once the mushrooms are cooked through, add balsamic vinegar and let it reduce.

Season responsibly and remove the thyme stems if needed. Next, throw in the turkey strips and cook them to your liking. Then, carefully pile the chopped kale on top and gently mix so the heat distributes evenly. Season with salt and pepper to help the kale cook faster. Continue to sauté the leafy greens but don’t leave them in the hot pan for too long. You still want the kale to be al dente.

Taste for seasoning before transferring to a plate. In the same pan over medium high heat, crack the eggs and let them fry. When the eggs are crispy around the edge with runny yolks, turn off the heat. Carefully transfer them onto the kale hash. (I may or may not have messed up on this last part, but one can only achieve so much greatness while in a food coma.)

Season the eggs with salt and pepper. Finish off with chives and add a shake of cayenne for fun.




Now back to that nap.

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