Tatte Bakery & Cafe

bakery front

Tatte Bakery & Cafe was founded by Tzurit Or, who started by selling her baked goods at farmers markets in 2007, and opened the first Tatte in Brookline soon thereafter. We went to the Tatte on Third Street in Kendall Square, Cambridge for Sunday brunch. With a bright open space, long wooden tables, and funky chandelier, this Tatte’s rustic yet pseudo-industrial vibe fits in perfectly in Kendall Square.


One wall is all about retail, showcasing their cookies, biscotti, and tarts in beautiful bags and boxes. There’s a window on the back wall that lets you peek into their pastry kitchen, which is always exciting for a couple of kitchen nerds like us. Along this back wall there’s a long pastry case and counter which are abundantly stocked with cheesecake, tarts, croissants, brioche, baguettes, and other goodies. Along with the brunch menu, with items such as Croque Monsieur and a mezze plate, the food is decidedly European with a Mediterranean bent.

kitchen windowtatte case

pastry counter

It was so difficult to walk in with hungry stomachs and order just a few items. Once we ordered, we were given a flower pot with our order number and utensils inside. We were somewhat smitten with the details as we sat waiting with our flower pot at the table.


The classic shakshuka was the ideal brunch plate, with a savory tomato sauce, two slices of challah bread, and two perfectly poached eggs. (We’re suckers for a good runny yolk). There is also a newer creamy potato-bacon version of the shakshuka, which we can’t wait to try on our next visit.

hazelnut rose shakshuka

The hazelnut rose was quite the people pleaser, with soft dough rolled around a thin layer of moist hazelnut filling. The chocolate rose was equally tasty (and we’d recommend getting the chocolate rose over the chocolate brioche, which didn’t quite blow us away). But the pistachio croissant was the favorite: large, perfectly flaky, with a surprisingly good amount of pistachio filling that was buttery yet not overly sweet.

pistachio croissant

The next savory item we ordered was the Croque Madame and we were so glad we made that decision. This ham and cheese sandwich came on a buttery croissant with melted cheese sauce on top. And of course, being a Croque Madame, there was another runny yolk in there too. Need we say more about how delicious it all was?

croque madame1

Tatte is also on top of their latte game – they use Stumptown Coffee. A classic latte is always a good way to test the quality of the espresso beans and we are happy to say we were impressed. And caffeinated. The mocha latte was really good as well and quite chocolatey, but pro-tip: get it made with soy milk, because the nuttiness really elevates the chocolate flavor. We’ve also heard great things about their freshly squeezed juices.

  locationslatte mug

Tatte is the type of place where you can comfortably sit for hours, and they even have wifi if you want to get some work done. Be warned, though: seating can be tough to come by during peak hours. However, they do have five locations (three of which are in Cambridge) so if you’re in the mood to explore the city, you can do just that by visiting more than one Tatte.

For more information about their locations, hours, and menus, visit  Tatte Bakery & Cafe, and check out their retail shop!

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