Sesame Veggie Soba

Sesame Veggies

Despite a little wind and a few sprinkles here and there, spring has finally made its way into New England. No more snow, and days that only grow longer and longer until summer.

Veggie Soba

I’m ready to jump into my sandals and race to the park for a picnic. In another week or so, I’ll also be racing to the farmers’ market to browse this season’s green offerings. There is no greater joy for me than celebrating the warm seasons with fresh produce and healthy living.


With that, I present to you soba noodles with sesame vegetables – an ode to sunshine and Mother Earth. This dish really allows the flavors of the colorful vegetables to shine through with the mild, nutty company of sesame oil. Cooking the vegetables differently gives more depth to the dish and depending on the type of noodles you use, this could easily be gluten free.

This recipe is made for two servings, so maybe invite a friend or a date to celebrate the weather with you.

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Sesame Veggie Soba
By W.
Serves 2

4 oz soba (about half a box)
2 cups baby bok choy
5-6 baby broccoli stalks, about 2.5 cups
1 pepper, sliced
1 scallion, chopped
2 large Portobello mushrooms
1 radish, sliced
1½ teaspoon soy sauce
Sesame oil
Sesame seeds
Salt, pepper, and cayenne

Preheat oven to 400F. Start heating water for the soba noodles.

Clean vegetables well and line a baking tray with aluminum foil. Arrange baby broccoli and Portobello on baking tray, and then dress them with sesame oil, salt, pepper, cayenne, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Place it in the oven and let it roast for about 20 minutes. Once the broccoli start to brown, they’re done. Set aside and let them cool for cutting later.

In a wok or pan, heat sliced pepper on medium heat without any oil for about 5 minutes. Add a tablespoon of sesame oil and throw in the bok choy. Let them all cook for another 5 minutes and stir occasionally. Add soy sauce and season with pepper – taste for seasoning before serving.

Follow instructions for noodles – they usually don’t take longer than 10 minutes to cook. At this point, the roasted veggies should be cool enough to handle. Slice Portobello and cut baby broccoli into halves.

Dress noodles with more sesame oil and salt. Place noodles onto plates and start assembling your dish with all the deliciously cooked vegetables. If you’re feeling extra special, arrange them into a beautiful presentation for you and your date. Finally, garnish with sliced radish, scallions, and extra sesame seeds.


Are you ready to take on spring and its lovely offerings?

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