Mint Pisco Sour

lemon pisco sour

This past winter in Boston has been a wily one. It was so mild and warmed us up so gradually – and erratically – that it tricked us into thinking summer was still a ways away. I only realized we were already halfway through spring the other day, when I had one of those “it’s-too-hot-for-clothes” moments.


But I think it’s important to celebrate the little things, because in the end, the little things are really the big things. So we should celebrate this change of season. Or celebrate today. Or better yet, just celebrate yourself, you wonderful person you.

I know that’s no easy feat. There will always be those unavoidably busy days, sometimes so hectic that you don’t even realize you forgot to eat lunch until it’s nine o’clock at night, when all you want to do is pass out face down into the welcoming embrace of your faithful pillows.

There will always be a day to be productive. But it is not this day.

minty pisco sour

Today, I order you to relax. Throw on some cool loose clothes, find some friends and some sun, and sip on a couple fresh drinks. Take it easy. Celebrate yo’self.

mint pisco sour

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed three things: we like our caffeine, we’re crazy for avocado toast, and we are super stoked for summer. And summer means I need to find an ice cold drink I can sip on all day long.

minty pisco sour pitcher

(Also, I know I’ve been going a little lemon-crazy lately. While it’s not necessarily a summer fruit, I associate its sunny flavor with the hottest of summer days, when my siblings and I would sell 25 cent glasses of lemonade from our front porch to whichever poor soul was brave enough to trust us. I think we only ever made a dollar or two; we were really not the savviest small business owners on the block.)

lemon pisco sour

I made this pisco sour off of a rough recipe my mom shared with me, which is based off of my uncle’s. Pisco sours are made differently depending on which country they originate from (in Peru they make them with egg whites, for example). But in Chile, where my uncle is from, there is no such silliness. It’s straight lemon (or lime) juice, sugar, alcohol, and ice. Then I threw in some mint for an extra fresh summery kick, because you deserve it.

Now let’s get this party started.

Mint Pisco Sour
By L.

Juice of 5 lemons (a little over 2/3 cup)
1 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup Pisco*
1 cup fresh mint leaves

Combine the lemon juice, sugar, pisco, and mint in a large pitcher. Use a wooden spoon to press the mint against the sides and bottom of the pitcher so it releases more of its fresh flavor. Add about 4 cups of ice and stir. Serve cold.

*I found this amount of liquor to be just right, but if you want a stronger cocktail, you can always add more. Do what you gotta do.

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