Peach Watermelon Caprese

Peach Watermelon Caprese

I’m calling it – I’ve officially melted into the hot concrete in the hot city streets of Boston. I am frying like an egg and for the first time in my life, I don’t like that egg. Figuratively speaking. I’d be a weird little egg, especially fried.

All yolks aside, this heat wave is not doing me any favors. I can not run in this weather. It’s impossible to breathe and move around in this humidity. And like a true Bostonian, I know I’ll complain about the cold and wish for summer in just a few short months. By the way, I am not sorry for that yolk joke – I’m quite proud of it actually. This heat wave is not taking away my funnies.

Peach Caprese Dressed

When a heat wave hits, the oven does not turn on as a rule. Any type of cooking diminishes, too. It’s my way of boycotting the scorching temperatures. Think salads and gallons of frozen drinks.



Now this caprese salad is nothing groundbreaking and you may even call it lazy, and it is. That is the purpose of this salad – no heat involved. Although I think the best feature of this updated version is that we’re using all the best produce of summer. If you walk past a farmer’s market, you’ll smell the sweet peaches and pungent aroma of the basil. And we can’t forget the mighty watermelon, it quenches all thirst.

Whole PeachesPeach Caprese Ingredients

This peach watermelon caprese will be refreshing, light, and addictive. It’s also easy to make if you’re hosting a late summer dinner with friends. You can even skip arranging the pieces together and simply toss and dress everything together.

As a golden rule, if the dish is simple, use the best ingredients you can find. You’ll be able to taste how fresh and sweet everything is.

Peach and Watermelon

Stay hydrated, friends.

Peach Watermelon Caprese
by W.
Serves 3-4

1 yellow peach
16 1/2″ pieces watermelon
8 fresh mozzarella (ciliegine)
16 basil leaves
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and ground pepper
Balsamic vinegar

Start by cutting the peach into quarters and cut those pieces into quarters again. If I’m doing the math right, you should have 16 beautiful mini peach pieces.

If you’ve got the watermelon cut already, great. If not, get to work on those and cut up 16 pieces that are similar in size to the peach. Next, cut all the mozzarella ciliegine in half.

On a large plate, start arranging the caprese together. Start with the peach, then the watermelon, mozzarella, and lastly, the basil – you can either arrange them in a circular pattern or in straight lines. If you’re super ambitious and thoughtful, you can use a toothpick and insert them through the four solid ingredients.

Lastly, dress them up with some really good olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and a light drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Serve immediately and stay cool in this weather.

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