Soaked Oats with Grilled Peaches

Peaches and Oats

I’m not good about breakfast – I know it’s supposedly the most important meal of the day, but dinner stole my heart a long time ago. I appreciate a good, heavy breakfast on the weekends but I usually prefer something light and quick. Mornings are tough enough as it is without added pressure from a breakfast routine. My weekday routine is usually me yanking my bag and flying out the door to work.

Almond Milk

Naturally, I like to do everything at night – including breakfast preparations. For several weeks now, I have been soaking oats at night and eating them at work the next day. It’s the perfect chilled breakfast on a summer morning. This jar of soaked goodness is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Continue reading

Homemade Almond Milk

Almond Final

Can we take a moment and all agree that lactose intolerance sucks? I know it can be a blessing in disguise, helping us be healthier and support animal-friendly foods…but sometimes I really just want a pint of Ben and Jerry’s without my stomach pulling an Alien on me. It’s unfair. Especially if you’re like me and your perfect dinner consists of an entire round of cheese. Being the rebel that I am, I still enjoy most lactose-filled foods in moderation, but I could never do it every day. So the one thing I really needed a replacement for was milk in my morning coffee or tea. Because without caffeine I’m a useless lump.


I tried the Lactaid milks and they were okay, but didn’t always leave me feeling so great despite claiming to be filled with lactase. Soy milk worked for a while, but I got nervous about all the “SOY IS GOING TO GIVE YOU HORMONES AND KILL YOU” talk floating around. Store bought almond milk was my last viable option but its ingredient list made me wary. So I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Literally.

Milk Bags
Squeeze Continue reading