New York, NY

new york cityWe’ve written about plenty of our favorite Boston restaurants in the past two years, but we’re not so biased as to think that Boston is the only place around with a food scene worth celebrating. Today, we’re sharing some of our go-to spots in New York City.


Our weekend in New York City in late July kept us constantly full and extremely sweaty. Our visit happened to coincide with the worst heat wave of the year, but this didn’t stop us from walking for hours in search of all our old favorites and plenty of new ones. Continue reading

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

bakery front

Tatte Bakery & Cafe was founded by Tzurit Or, who started by selling her baked goods at farmers markets in 2007, and opened the first Tatte in Brookline soon thereafter. We went to the Tatte on Third Street in Kendall Square, Cambridge for Sunday brunch. With a bright open space, long wooden tables, and funky chandelier, this Tatte’s rustic yet pseudo-industrial vibe fits in perfectly in Kendall Square.


One wall is all about retail, showcasing their cookies, biscotti, and tarts in beautiful bags and boxes. There’s a window on the back wall that lets you peek into their pastry kitchen, which is always exciting for a couple of kitchen nerds like us. Along this back wall there’s a long pastry case and counter which are abundantly stocked with cheesecake, tarts, croissants, brioche, baguettes, and other goodies. Along with the brunch menu, with items such as Croque Monsieur and a mezze plate, the food is decidedly European with a Mediterranean bent.

kitchen windowtatte case Continue reading