Peach Watermelon Caprese

Peach Watermelon Caprese

I’m calling it – I’ve officially melted into the hot concrete in the hot city streets of Boston. I am frying like an egg and for the first time in my life, I don’t like that egg. Figuratively speaking. I’d be a weird little egg, especially fried.

All yolks aside, this heat wave is not doing me any favors. I can not run in this weather. It’s impossible to breathe and move around in this humidity. And like a true Bostonian, I know I’ll complain about the cold and wish for summer in just a few short months. By the way, I am not sorry for that yolk joke – I’m quite proud of it actually. This heat wave is not taking away my funnies.

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Blueberry Basil Salad

salad plate

I have an insatiable sweet tooth.

blueberries1Over the years, I’ve experimented with putting sweet things where they didn’t quite belong. No one questioned a spoonful of sugar in tomato sauce, or a drizzle of honey on some oven roasted veggies, but I definitely raised some eyebrows when I put chocolate on a sausage and cheese pizza…more than once. (It was delicious, but haters gonna hate). Luckily, I don’t have to go putting chocolate in salads too, because nature’s got its very own sweet stuff.

I’m talking about fruit, guys.

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