Top 7 Tips for the Amateur Baker

pancake mise

Hey guys, Leili here!

This week we’re trying something new. I’d like to say it’s because we’re brave and imaginative, but really it’s because I tested a recipe I was really excited to share with you guys, but it failed. Miserably. So instead of posting that recipe, today I’m sharing some of the tips I’ve found most useful as a baker.

I’ve been baking on my own for almost a decade, and I’ve messed up enough to have learned a few things along the way. Then I started working at a bakery and learned a few more things, and now I know at least 7 things! So here they are, for all you crazy baking-fiends out there that are just like me.

cupcake mise

1. Mise en Place

Meaning “to set everything in place”, this is the golden rule for both baking and cooking. Any time you’re working in the kitchen, it’s always best to have all your ingredients prepped and measured out so that not only do you know that you have everything you’ll need, but so that the actual act of cooking or baking will be as easy as it looks on your favorite cooking show. It’s not only about the ingredients though – a big part of mise en place is reading over the recipe so you know what to expect in terms of time, space, and equipment. Basically, prepare yo’self. It’s what makes daunting baking tasks manageable, and it’s a rule to live by.

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