Chicken Cabbage Dumplings

Chicken Dumplings Chopsticks

Independence Day is finally upon us but fear not – there are no aliens coming to destroy Earth. Sorry, I just saw the film for the first time recently and I had to reference it somewhere.

Chicken Dumplings Final 2

Aliens aside, are you guys prepared for our country’s birthday? I’m sure you are all stocked up on alcohol, sunscreen, and good company.  I also hope you’re all stocked up on food if you’re hosting, because that’s the only thing that matters – food and fireworks. For me, the best thing about parties are the appetizers; I would happily snack on appetizers all day. Continue reading

Chicken Ginger Macaroni Soup

Chicken Macaroni

Call me crazy but do you ever just lose your appetite for no apparent reason? Recently, my stomach has not been doing its part in letting me know when I should eat or what I am craving. It’s a strange feeling. Honestly, it’s quite unsettling because I’m usually the type of gal who will eat five times a day and will know exactly what she wants. So you can understand my recent frustration.

Chicken Macaroni Soup Closeup

When an uninspired food spell hits, I normally turn to soup or a childhood favorite – this chicken macaroni soup is the product of both. When my mother used to stay home and pick us up after school, we would very often come home to a simplified version of this soup. She’d just have ginger, chicken, macaroni, and broth in hers, and it was absolutely delicious. Continue reading

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice Final

Sometimes I get anxious about food – thoughts about dinner as I’m walking home from work can completely hijack my mind and I’m forced to confront the fact there’s not much I can do for dinner that night.

Chicken Fried Rice Serving

Although dinner is my favorite meal, it can be a lot of pressure to cook most nights. More than once a week, I want to throw my blanket over my head to surrender and order dinner from my warm and cozy laptop whilst in bed. Don’t lie – you know you do this, too. Continue reading

Cantonese Poached Chicken

Cantonese Poached Chicken

There are few dishes that bring me back to my earliest memories of eating – almost all of them involved rice and some kind of soup. Growing up, my little brother and I had rice every night with our main dishes and there was almost always soup. My mom made soup every night – she believed soup is the cure and culinary medicine for any ache or fever. And you know what? I think she was right.

Raw Chicken Legs


Aside from my short stature (I’m 5’3″), I can’t complain too much about my health. I have my mother’s cooking to thank for that – her dishes are uncomplicated, wholesome, and always delicious. That lady knew what she was doing and she certainly won my little heart over whenever she made this simple poached chicken. Continue reading

Chicken Congee with Bok Choy


Perhaps it’s my restless desire for change, or my anxiety from the undeniably longer nights that indicate even longer nights are coming to overshadow our daylight, but my appetite has been zapped lately. I don’t feel like myself when I can’t finish my food and I become disappointed in my tummy’s lack of desire for a real meal. Am I alone here?


Like an old woman aging gracefully, I crave softer foods that are totally neutral when digesting. Did I say too much? If you follow what I’m trying to say, then you understand how miserable this war with food can be. Running this blog can become difficult when you suddenly become underwhelmed by ingredients and cooking. Continue reading