Intense Brown Butter Shortbread Cookies


The Dr. Frankenstein in me is going crazy with glee since it came up with the secret ingredient to these cookies.

Maybe I’m not exactly Frankenstein. Thankfully. But my inner mad scientist always comes out when food is involved. Like when I made chocolate mousse with no dairy, or creamy ice cream without cream, or everything-free chocolate chip cookies. Unlike all those other times, though, I’ve altered this recipe to be even more gluttonous and dairy-full. And I have no regrets.

jar-of-extra-brown-brown-butter Continue reading

Copenhagen, Denmark


Hello, friends!

I’m back in Boston after a week in Copenhagen, where my boyfriend and I ate 24/7 and tried our best not to get hit by bicyclists channeling their ancestral viking spirits.


I survived, and now I’m going to share my experiences with all of you lovely people. If you’re planning a trip to Denmark in the near future (or even in your daydreams), I hope I can provide you with part of the answer to “where should I eat in Copenhagen?”. And if you’ve never considered Denmark to be a place worthy of your travel time and budget, I hope I can show you just how wonderful it truly is. Continue reading

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

Crispy Potatoes

Is it just me or did Christmas just show up out of nowhere? I believe the warm weather is to blame for this mind trick. I’m not complaining about this very charming December we’ve been having, but I did maybe forget what month it was and had to rush out to the shops with the other Christmas procrastinators. It was not a pretty scene.

Crispy Potatoes Ingredients

Now that my very hectic shopping season is over, I can finally focus on the Christmas meal. What do people have on Christmas anyway? I’m never quite sure. People tell me it’s ham but I still want turkey but my squad informs me that’s so last month. Continue reading

Buttery Snowflake Cookies

Snowflake Cookies

Dear Santa, I’ve tried really hard to be a good person this year, but I’m human and I’m not totally confident I made it onto the Nice List. May I bribe you with some brown butter snowflake cookies to get back into your good graces?

Snowflake Cookies Choc Coconut

As I’m looking back at this year, I realize I have not completed my 2015 to-do list, but I am going to cross the “new tattoo” off my list this weekend. I am a little anxious but even more excited to get something new at the end of the year. I fell short of my expectations for this year in many ways, but I have also made a lot of strides. Continue reading