Rosé Sangria

stone fruit rose sangria

I know that after seeing this colorful thirst quencher on a hot day like today, you probably just want to skip straight to the recipe. So I’ll make this short and sweet.

fruity rose sangria pour

Did you know that the fourth of July is less than two weeks away? Yeah, I didn’t either. It really creeped up on us. So if you’re American but you don’t feel like drinking beer called “America” to get your party on, I suggest that you make your own concoction. This concoction. Continue reading

Mint Pisco Sour

lemon pisco sour

This past winter in Boston has been a wily one. It was so mild and warmed us up so gradually – and erratically – that it tricked us into thinking summer was still a ways away. I only realized we were already halfway through spring the other day, when I had one of those “it’s-too-hot-for-clothes” moments.


But I think it’s important to celebrate the little things, because in the end, the little things are really the big things. So we should celebrate this change of season. Or celebrate today. Or better yet, just celebrate yourself, you wonderful person you. Continue reading

Watermelon Blueberry Gin Slushie

watermelon cocktail1

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. But what about when life hands you watermelons? Is watermelonade a thing?


Summertime is made for juicy watermelon slices and sticky fingers. But let’s be real: there is nothing better than sipping on a cool drink and breathing in a warm summer breeze. So instead of watermelonade, I blended fresh watermelon chunks with ice and alcohol. It was a great life choice. Continue reading

Lady Verona {Maple Cranapple Cosmo}

cocktail1Get ready, ‘cause we’re boozing it up today.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little something sweet to reward yourself with, and although I’m all for turning to a sweet snack, it’s also a good idea to have a few drink recipes in your back pocket for when you want to celebrate life’s little victories…or for the days when it’s easier to face a cocktail than reality. Continue reading

Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate

FinalGuys, it’s almost the end of the year and I’m sure resolutions are being drafted up. But before we commit to those good habits, let’s have one more splurge and indulge in something decadent. We deserve it, don’t we?


Leili and I love the marriage of salty and sweet – Leili is kind of a mega-girl fan of that coupling and that’s an understatement. So naturally, this hot chocolate with salted caramel fits the bill. And since it’s so close to the New Year, why not add some Bailey’s to it and be merry?


This recipe is very similar to the hot chocolate we used to make at the cafe we worked at. It is made with ganache and steamed milk – I won’t go too in depth with ganache since Leili already covered that in the chocolate truffles recipe. I use two different types of chocolate since it was all I had but it comes out to about 67% cocoa. Use the chocolate you like, but keep in mind that the caramel is rather sweet and if you’re adding Bailey’s, well, then good for you.

Continue reading