Lazy Smoked Corn


Fall is here! The crunchy leaves and crisp air have taken up their proper residency in New England. Currently, I’ve traded in my beach towels for wooly scarves and hot chocolate is effective immediately.

While we are preparing for our migration to the great indoors, I suggest this dish to give you a wisp of summer. This is a very simple corn recipe that calls for very few ingredients. The real stars here are the corn and the smoked salt. The salt takes away the hassle of the grill but will still give you the delectable, smoky flavor.

Try this at home – feel free to add some other vegetables for fun and color.

– W.


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Corn and Black Bean Salad

Final corn salad2
It’s been almost two months since my last run. At first I had some good excuses, but now I’ve finally come to accept that I’ve just been lazy (partly in thanks to Wei’s guilt trips – she’s got a knack for them). I could blame it on how busy I am, on how tired I’ve been lately, or on the changing weather. But let’s be real. I know I just need to get out the door before it’s too late and the snow starts piling up. Here in New England, that could be in less than a month…gah!

Corn salad mise

So I’m not here to talk to you about apple pie cupcakes or pumpkin bread. I’m not about to tell you how great my homemade caramel sauce is, or how much Fall inspires me to bake up some giant warm cinnamon rolls. Yes, I love the crunch of auburn leaves under my boots, but I won’t bore you with all that today. Y’all are just going to have to wait, because I’m not letting Fall onto my mental doorstep just yet. Continue reading