Vegan Noodle Soup with Garlic Ginger Oil


I’m back with more date night ideas. This one involves cuddling up on the couch with a giant sweater on while slurping on some hot soupy noodles. Sounds amazing, right?


You guys know I love a good noodle soup, not the Western kind of noodle soup. You know, like chicken noodle soup. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love chicken noodle soup. But I’m talking about the kind that’s a little closer to ramen or pho. The kind where the noodles and soup make up the main foundation of the dish. That kind of noodle soup. Continue reading

Cheesy Sun-Dried Tomato & Pesto Monkey Bread

pesto monkey breadHappy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

This has certainly been one hell of a year. I could pull you aside now, and tell you all about the crazy year we’ve had at Yin and Yolk. I could gush about how proud I am of how far this little blog of ours has come. But I’ll spare you. Instead, I’ll just say that I’m thrilled that we’re still kicking, and that you (whether a faithful reader or a casual click) are here with us. We truly love you guys.

pesto sundried tomato pull apart bread

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Shrimp and Green Garlic Cakes


June has gone by too quickly and I constantly have to remind myself to savor summer before the leaves lose their colors. Grim, I know, but I just want to eat and see everything while it’s nice out. Boston is incredibly charming in the summer.

Cake cut

I love seafood with a passion, but summer accelerates that passion into an obsession. I crave lobster rolls and crab cakes on a weekly basis. It’s a New England thing, possibly. So I decided to challenge myself a bit and see if I could make a seafood fritter of some kind. So, the shrimp and green garlic cake was born. Continue reading

Rosemary Garlic Shrimp Spaghetti

Final 3

Imagine this: It’s date night and it is getting colder and colder outside. Are you too lazy to go out to a restaurant but still want a nice sit-down meal? Now imagine this: you can make your own delicious, gourmet meal for your date. Be the hero and cook up this delicious pasta dish for a date or a lucky friend.

Fun fact: I have always loved seafood – my mother introduced me to all kinds of adventurous eating while I was growing up. She’s a lucky lady, too, because she was blessed with a daughter who would clear the plate and ask for seconds. For that reason, I don’t remember my first experience with shrimp but I know shrimp always meant a good meal. To complete the circle of life, my mom will eat anything I make if it comes from the sea.


This shrimp spaghetti is simply a variation of a pasta I already make all the time. The ingredients are very traditional and there are no weird surprises here. However, I highly recommend using fresh herbs and peppercorn for this little number. The herbs really serve as the binding flavors for everything here from the fresh lemon to the succulent shrimp. I gently encourage you to use freshly grounded peppercorn because it does make a difference in aroma and in the kick.


Let’s get it on.

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Rosemary Garlic Chicken


I have a really bad habit of eating late at night. Well, I’m a night owl so you can’t really blame me. One day I’ll kick this bad habit and learn to appreciate being a morning person.

That being said, I also like cooking late because it is like a form of meditation for me. Piecing ingredients together from the fridge is the best kind of cognitive activity. Preparing ahead of time to cook later at night is even better.

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