Three Veggie Frittata

Frittata Dish

Some exciting things are about to happen – spring might come early, Game of Thrones is almost back, and I’ve just booked my massage for Valentine’s Day weekend. That’s right, I’m treating myself to the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever because I’m worth it and being single is currently fabulous.

Frittata Plate

Did that sound forceful? If it did, that’s not what I wanted – I just didn’t want to sound like a bitter old lady because I’m really not. I enjoy my Wei time more and more as I age gracefully. Continue reading

Turkey Kale Hash

Final Fork 2

So after my favorite holiday comes my favorite leftovers. For Thanksgiving I make extras of everything just so I can have a ton of food to ‘snack’ on later. I am shameless about this and this is why I stay in a food coma for about a week after Turkey Day has passed.


However, I do occasionally grow tired of eating the exact same plate of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This dish is a lighter take on brunch while utilizing what you may already have in the fridge from the big feast. I suppose this is a way to ease myself out of guilt when I go back to injecting stuffing and mashed potatoes into my veins.


Don’t feel limited to only using the ingredients I have listed below. Go scavenge for whatever is left in the refrigerator and then throw it altogether like a wiz. This is merely a suggestion.



Go wild.

– W. Continue reading