Portland, ME

Portland Sign

Hi friends. We’re back with another post from the north – Portland, Maine. Even though this is a monster of a post, we are barely scratching the surface of the food scene in Portland. This small city has one of the most restaurants per capita in the country. Once we got there, we understood why – we were literally surrounded by restaurants, bars, and more food. We had two very wonderful friends to show us around this very charming and seductive city.

Day One

We had very little sleep when we first arrived so we quickly made our way to Bard Coffee, a place recommended by more than one person. When we entered this little coffee shop, we found a quiet cafe buzzing with the sound of the espresso grinder and milk steamers. In this sun-filled space, we were more than happy to sit down and relax with a couple cups of caffeine.

We ordered the latte and mocha – both equally beautiful and delicious. Bard Coffee has an incredibly relaxing atmosphere; we spent a couple hours there talking about boys, food, and the places we were going to hit up next.

bard coffee meta

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Eventide Oyster Co. | Portland, ME

Eventide Outside

Eventide Oysters

On our recent trip to Portland, Maine to visit old friends, we encountered a whole new meaning to the term “life is good”. With its slow, laid back vibe and friendly locals, we were welcomed with open arms by the slew of restaurants and bars we were lucky enough to visit.

eventide bar

Our lovely friend Alison brought us to Eventide, one of three restaurants on Middle Street all owned by the powerhouse team of Andrew Taylor, Arlin Smith, and Mike Wiley. It set the tone for our visit with its simple, fresh, quality ingredients and welcoming yet trendy atmosphere. Continue reading