Peanut Soba Noodles

Peanut Noodles

You can never keep me away from noodles for too long. Our love is inevitable; no matter how people might try to tear us apart in the insufferable hot weather, I will still love my noodles. Because noodles can be served chilled. If I can’t enjoy a steaming bowl of ramen, then cold noodles are the next best thing.

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Chicken Ginger Macaroni Soup

Chicken Macaroni

Call me crazy but do you ever just lose your appetite for no apparent reason? Recently, my stomach has not been doing its part in letting me know when I should eat or what I am craving. It’s a strange feeling. Honestly, it’s quite unsettling because I’m usually the type of gal who will eat five times a day and will know exactly what she wants. So you can understand my recent frustration.

Chicken Macaroni Soup Closeup

When an uninspired food spell hits, I normally turn to soup or a childhood favorite – this chicken macaroni soup is the product of both. When my mother used to stay home and pick us up after school, we would very often come home to a simplified version of this soup. She’d just have ginger, chicken, macaroni, and broth in hers, and it was absolutely delicious. Continue reading

Sesame Veggie Soba

Sesame Veggies

Despite a little wind and a few sprinkles here and there, spring has finally made its way into New England. No more snow, and days that only grow longer and longer until summer.

Veggie Soba

I’m ready to jump into my sandals and race to the park for a picnic. In another week or so, I’ll also be racing to the farmers’ market to browse this season’s green offerings. There is no greater joy for me than celebrating the warm seasons with fresh produce and healthy living.

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Sesame Shishito Salad


As the days are getting shorter, I’m kind of in a panic mode to get my summer bucket list out of the way. But that’s totally normal, right? Even as I’m writing this, I know I’ll never even out my tan lines in time for fall.

Fun fact: I go to the farmer’s market in Boston every week and each week they have something new and funky looking. Shishito peppers aren’t a new variety by any means, but I don’t cook them often because I only see them for so long. These small green peppers are fun to make since they can be prepared separately and consumed as a snack.


Another fun fact: These peppers are generally not spicy, but one out of ten peppers will surprise you and have you reaching for your closest glass of icy water. (That was also a warning for your taste buds.)

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