Yeasted Orange Waffles & Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread

yeasted orange waffles and chocolate hazelnut spread

Happy Breakfast Week guys!

Across the country, Eater has been promoting its food-porniest breakfast finds.

Kind of makes me wonder who decides what week/day/month is assigned to each food holiday. There is literally a holiday for every single day of the year (today is National Almond Day, if you’re curious). Maybe anyone can just declare any day a holiday because they feel like it?

If that’s the case, I hereby declare every Friday to be Pajama and Cake Day. So wear your footsies to work today and bake yourself a cake. Because you’re worth it.

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Chocolate Orange Challah Bread

chocolate orange challah

I apologize, friends.

zest and chocolateBecause I know you. I know that the knowledge that this challah bread exists will now eat away at you until you get the chance to make it for yourself. (Or at least until you can bribe your roommate/spouse/pet to make it for you so you can shove some in your face.) I know that one look at it already has you itching to get into your kitchen, and scanning the ingredients to see if you could get started on it right away, before any of the day’s other demands can be faced.

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Zesty Orange Pancakes & Tart Raspberry Jam

pancakes and syrupBreakfast is easily the most amazing meal of the day.

I don’t care if you disagree, it is unequivocally THE BEST. No buts about it. Pastries reign supreme, sweets are welcome (helloooo Nutella), fruit is celebrated, and savory foods hold their own so well that they’re easily eaten at any other meal of the day (egg sandwich for lunch, anyone? Steak and eggs for dinner? Have you noticed I really like eggs?).

pancakespancake bite
Breakfast is also my personal favorite because I love rolling out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning and slowly piecing together a nice big breakfast between bleary-eyed yawns. Gently folding together pancake batter, setting the table with all the necessary jams, syrups, and butters, and even cutting up fresh berries and whipping up some cream if I’m feeling especially domestic (which is always) is my favorite weekend ritual. Anyone who’s still in their bed trickles down the stairs at the smell of smoky-sweet bacon frying, and when everyone is gathered around the kitchen table life suddenly just feels so right. I’m telling you, the satisfaction from serving up the perfect breakfast is highly underrated.

Or maybe I’m just a breakfast freak.

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White and Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cookies


Since I started cooking and baking, I’ve been all about the marriage of sweet and salty in a single, perfect bite. And there’s a reason sweet and salty go so well together: science. It’s just how our taste buds were built.

Butter Egg

I know I’m late to the whole sweet and savory game with these cookies, but that actually makes me really happy. It means that now I can look for any recipe for salted cookies and get pages of results to choose from. I’m not alone in the corner putting salt in my sweets anymore (or sweets in my salties), and that’s pretty damn cool.

Mix 2 Pistachio

These cookies are big, so they’re soft in the middle and slightly chewy around the edges. In addition to the salted pistachios, white chocolate chunks and dark chocolate discs, we’re also throwing in a hint of orange zest. You can barely taste it and it really rounds out the flavors, but you can also easily leave it out. Continue reading