Chocolate Elvis Cupcakes

elvis birthday cupcakeYou guys! Today we’re celebrating a very special birthday.
frosting swirl

And no, I’m not talking about Harry Potter’s.

chocolate elvis bacon cupcake

Exactly a year ago today, Wei and I published our very first post on this little blog of ours. I remember it like it was yesterday: making pestos together as the smell of roasted garlic filled the warm kitchen, and trying to figure out the best angle to photograph each other’s hands as we mortared and pestled and crushed garlic. We shared Wei’s camera and she taught me all about how to take pictures like a pro. Then we ate a lot of pasta covered in fresh pesto, and pressed “Publish” for the first time. Continue reading

Triple Fudge Peanut Butter Brownies

brownie stack

You can’t blame me for shoving more chocolate in your face.

stack and milk2

I mean, I guess you can. Actually I’ll totally take the blame. I will do that for you, friends, because this is really more of a public service announcement: you all deserve to try these brownies, free of guilt. (By the way, whoever invented the idea of “feeling guilty” about eating should seriously re-evaluate their lives. I call bullshit.) Continue reading