Dublin, Ireland


After ten days of frolicking around Ireland, I’ve come back to share my adventures with all of you. More importantly, I’m going to tell you all about the food I ate and where I ate it, and all of the fun things I did. That way you have something to go off of when you’re planning your own trip to the Emerald Isle (which I highly recommend you do).


I was traveling on my own, so I booked a bed at the Generator Hostel in Dublin, and I’m glad I didn’t spring for a hotel – I felt totally at home at the hostel. It was far enough away from the touristy area of town, but close enough to walk to pretty much everything worth seeing. The Jameson Distillery, which was right next door to the hostel, was on the top of my list of things to do – unfortunately, it was undergoing some changes and won’t reopen for tours until March 2017.

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15 Thanksgiving Dishes We Love

Photo by Lady and Pups

(Photo by Lady and Pups)

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

If you’re anything like us, you’re far from perfect. Even when it comes to today’s Super Bowl of food holidays, not every dish is impeccably planned, and not every place is meticulously set. We’re no strangers to last minute scrambling for Thanksgiving recipes that are both classic enough to appease your traditional relatives, and novel enough to excite and entice you. (Why make pie when you can make gooey chocolatey cakes? Exactly.)

So, for all you last-minute-cooks out there hectically searching for that perfect vegetable side dish that will complete your dinner, or those homemade dinner rolls that will make your mama proud, we’ve compiled a list of the Thanksgiving recipes we’re crazy about. Many are from blogs we love, and some are our own, but they’re all sure to whet your appetites and hopefully give you a leg up for this marathon of cooking we’re all about to jump in to.

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Mashed Potato Latkes

sour creamI’m drowning in mashed potatoes.

These potatoes are the only thing I still have left over from Thanksgiving. I know I’m probably alone here, because most people are smart enough to realize that ten large potatoes are impossible for five people to finish, especially when you’re already serving them six other hearty side dishes. Now every time I open the fridge, those damn mashed potatoes are staring me down, judging me for my poor planning. Without all the turkey and gravy, I just can’t bring myself to eat them…and after a week, I really need to eat them.

latke stack

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