Avocado Toast – Three Ways

Avo Sampler

Avo Sampler 2

Happy Monday everyone! I know – it’s the least favorite day of the week, but it’s a great excuse for lots of coffee, right? Actually I’m still pretty tired from Game of Thrones last night. Ned Stark, am I right?

Toast and Prep

But I should get my mind back to reality and Monday. As much as I dislike the first day of the work week and as much as I love to whine about it, I always like to remind myself that it’s a good time to make productive and possibly healthy plans for the week. Monday is essentially a reset button for weekly goals and a pep talk with my belly. Continue reading

Roasted Honey Spiced Chicken

Chicken Plate

I might be late to the game on ramps, but better late than never with these beautiful, delicate plants. This is my first spring using them, and I am delightfully in love, but more on that later.

Chicken Leg

Let’s also talk about my love with chicken. Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. You can never go wrong with my first poultry love. I grew up in the city and have no access to a grill – this recipe is the next best thing. I wanted an almost burnt chicken packed with lots of flavor. Here, I used the sear-and-roast technique. Not quite the same, but definitely delicious and full of umami. Continue reading