Zesty Orange Pancakes & Tart Raspberry Jam

pancakes and syrupBreakfast is easily the most amazing meal of the day.

I don’t care if you disagree, it is unequivocally THE BEST. No buts about it. Pastries reign supreme, sweets are welcome (helloooo Nutella), fruit is celebrated, and savory foods hold their own so well that they’re easily eaten at any other meal of the day (egg sandwich for lunch, anyone? Steak and eggs for dinner? Have you noticed I really like eggs?).

pancakespancake bite
Breakfast is also my personal favorite because I love rolling out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning and slowly piecing together a nice big breakfast between bleary-eyed yawns. Gently folding together pancake batter, setting the table with all the necessary jams, syrups, and butters, and even cutting up fresh berries and whipping up some cream if I’m feeling especially domestic (which is always) is my favorite weekend ritual. Anyone who’s still in their bed trickles down the stairs at the smell of smoky-sweet bacon frying, and when everyone is gathered around the kitchen table life suddenly just feels so right. I’m telling you, the satisfaction from serving up the perfect breakfast is highly underrated.

Or maybe I’m just a breakfast freak.

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