Deconstructed Guac Grilled Cheese

Guac Grilled Cheese 2

Guys, I’m back with more cheese but I think you will be pleased. To start this cheesy story, we must go back in time to when I lived in London five years ago. While I was studying abroad, I discovered the savory goodness of the avocado. I know what you’re thinking: this girl must be out of her mind!

Guac Grilled Cheese

Guac Grille Cheese 3

It’s true –  I didn’t know any better growing up and I always thought avocado was a bland tasting fruit that people needed to stop raving about, not unlike kale. But I love kale now. Continue reading

Loaded Grilled Cheese Egg In A Hole

First YolkGuys, I am not a morning person – whenever a peppy person goes on and on about how amazing it is to start their day early, I usually gape at said person for about two minutes. While I totally respect anyone who can rise with the sun and face the day enthusiastically, I also hate them a little. I am a child of the night – my brain has no function before 11AM. Even my mother says I would switch day and night when I was an infant. Sorry Mom.


There is nothing sweeter than snuggling up with a couple pillows under layers of blankets and not waking up to an alarm. Alarms are stupid anyway – they literally ruin everyone’s dreams. Abandoning my warm bed is the last thing I want to do in autumn. But we all have to break our own hearts a little and try to be responsible human beings. However, that doesn’t mean our tastebuds have to be boring. Continue reading

Grilled Cheese Deluxe

Grilled Cheese Deluxe

I’m going to talk about a place that doesn’t exist anymore… a tiny mecca called Rachel’s Kitchen in Bay Village of Boston. They were owned by wife and husband Rachel and Alon. They also made the best sandwiches ever, but they’ve since moved on to bigger things. Now, Mike & Patty’s has taken over the space and they make some mouthwatering sammies as well.


Mise Continue reading