Eventide Oyster Co. | Portland, ME

Eventide Outside

Eventide Oysters

On our recent trip to Portland, Maine to visit old friends, we encountered a whole new meaning to the term “life is good”. With its slow, laid back vibe and friendly locals, we were welcomed with open arms by the slew of restaurants and bars we were lucky enough to visit.

eventide bar

Our lovely friend Alison brought us to Eventide, one of three restaurants on Middle Street all owned by the powerhouse team of Andrew Taylor, Arlin Smith, and Mike Wiley. It set the tone for our visit with its simple, fresh, quality ingredients and welcoming yet trendy atmosphere. Continue reading

Pan Seared Salmon

Seared Salmon

Have you guys seen the movie Her? If not, then allow me to give you a brief breakdown. In a not too distant future, a man falls in love with his phone’s female operating system. I’m not capturing what the movie is really about in that previous sentence, but please watch the film. It’s funny, heartwarming, uplifting, heartbreaking, and hopeful. Her stays with you long after the credits are done rolling; this movie hits hard for Leili and me.

Salmon and Asparagus
For those of you who have seen it, you may remember the beach scene with the armpit anatomy bit. Shortly after that funny break comes a beautiful piece of music that the girl (computer) writes for the boy (human) about their day at the beach. That piano piece is equally sweet and sentimental as it is sad.

Salmon Filet Continue reading

Shrimp and Green Garlic Cakes


June has gone by too quickly and I constantly have to remind myself to savor summer before the leaves lose their colors. Grim, I know, but I just want to eat and see everything while it’s nice out. Boston is incredibly charming in the summer.

Cake cut

I love seafood with a passion, but summer accelerates that passion into an obsession. I crave lobster rolls and crab cakes on a weekly basis. It’s a New England thing, possibly. So I decided to challenge myself a bit and see if I could make a seafood fritter of some kind. So, the shrimp and green garlic cake was born. Continue reading

Rosemary Garlic Shrimp Spaghetti

Final 3

Imagine this: It’s date night and it is getting colder and colder outside. Are you too lazy to go out to a restaurant but still want a nice sit-down meal? Now imagine this: you can make your own delicious, gourmet meal for your date. Be the hero and cook up this delicious pasta dish for a date or a lucky friend.

Fun fact: I have always loved seafood – my mother introduced me to all kinds of adventurous eating while I was growing up. She’s a lucky lady, too, because she was blessed with a daughter who would clear the plate and ask for seconds. For that reason, I don’t remember my first experience with shrimp but I know shrimp always meant a good meal. To complete the circle of life, my mom will eat anything I make if it comes from the sea.


This shrimp spaghetti is simply a variation of a pasta I already make all the time. The ingredients are very traditional and there are no weird surprises here. However, I highly recommend using fresh herbs and peppercorn for this little number. The herbs really serve as the binding flavors for everything here from the fresh lemon to the succulent shrimp. I gently encourage you to use freshly grounded peppercorn because it does make a difference in aroma and in the kick.


Let’s get it on.

-W. Continue reading