Top 5 Super Bowl Snacks

sweet savory pita chips

I marched with my mother and millions of other wonderful, strong women last weekend in Boston. I have never been in such a large and lively crowd in my life.

The atmosphere was full of positive energy, and plenty of hope that our voices would be heard – and they were. But there is still way more that needs to be done, because now innocent people are also having their lives turned upside down when they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

I’m doing my best to channel my frustration into something useful, but outside of bugging our representatives, protesting, or donating to civil rights organizations, there’s not much else any of us can do but take deep breaths and keep doing our best to spread the love.

cheesy sun dried tomato pesto monkey pull-apart bread

When the world is upside down and backwards, it’s important to keep enjoying the little things.

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, which means beer and outrageous dips will likely abound. These are the little things worth taking pleasure in when there’s not much else to celebrate.  Continue reading

Homemade Pita Bread & Pita Chips

pita chips from scratch

Alright guys. We’re a week away from the Super Bowl.

buttery cinnamon pita chips

And I’ll be honest: I’m no football fan. I’ll watch it purely for, um, aesthetic reasons, but most of the time I’d much rather cozy up with a Seinfeld rerun.

pita bread

I am, however, a huge snack lover. So if you invite me over for a football game and you promise me beer and some snacks, then I will become a fan of whatever the hell you want. And I will definitely make you some of these bad boys. Continue reading

Apple Cider & Sage Dinner Rolls

sage bread roll

You may not know this about us (or maybe you do, because I won’t shut up about it), but we love to see the worlds of sweet and savory collide.

buttery sage dinner rolls

Some people are opposed to this. They don’t want salt on their chocolate, and they don’t want chocolate on their bacon. I’m guessing that those same people would be opposed to switching up their favorite Thanksgiving staples. But you know what? This recipe isn’t for those people.

sage bunch

When I got the idea for these rolls, I was imagining a plain, fluffy dinner roll with hints of apple cider and soft, subtle sage. The sweet and savory flavors, my god! In my imagination, it was heaven. Continue reading