15 Thanksgiving Dishes We Love

Photo by Lady and Pups

(Photo by Lady and Pups)

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

If you’re anything like us, you’re far from perfect. Even when it comes to today’s Super Bowl of food holidays, not every dish is impeccably planned, and not every place is meticulously set. We’re no strangers to last minute scrambling for Thanksgiving recipes that are both classic enough to appease your traditional relatives, and novel enough to excite and entice you. (Why make pie when you can make gooey chocolatey cakes? Exactly.)

So, for all you last-minute-cooks out there hectically searching for that perfect vegetable side dish that will complete your dinner, or those homemade dinner rolls that will make your mama proud, we’ve compiled a list of the Thanksgiving recipes we’re crazy about. Many are from blogs we love, and some are our own, but they’re all sure to whet your appetites and hopefully give you a leg up for this marathon of cooking we’re all about to jump in to.

Good luck. Continue reading

Fluffy Pumpkin Soufflés

Pumpkin Souffle

Let’s talk about the magic of desserts. Desserts are the mistresses to any meal – you try to deny yourself this tasty treat, but you know you still have room for something sweet and the seductive word itself entices you to give the menu a glance before you surrender to the sweet rush of sugar and satisfaction.

Souffle with Whipped Cream

We all know that feeling – you’re anxiously waiting for one of your friends at the dinner table to take up the offer on dessert. Ten minutes after you order, you’re all sharing this precious small plate, and another five minutes later, it’s all gone and all tummies are happy. Dessert is the lasting key to friendship.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and particularly Friendsgiving, I’m going to share this light and fluffy pumpkin soufflé recipe with you sweet folks. Continue reading

Apple Cider & Sage Dinner Rolls

sage bread roll

You may not know this about us (or maybe you do, because I won’t shut up about it), but we love to see the worlds of sweet and savory collide.

buttery sage dinner rolls

Some people are opposed to this. They don’t want salt on their chocolate, and they don’t want chocolate on their bacon. I’m guessing that those same people would be opposed to switching up their favorite Thanksgiving staples. But you know what? This recipe isn’t for those people.

sage bunch

When I got the idea for these rolls, I was imagining a plain, fluffy dinner roll with hints of apple cider and soft, subtle sage. The sweet and savory flavors, my god! In my imagination, it was heaven. Continue reading

Roasted Vegetable Medley with Cranberries

Roasting Pan

Hello darling friends, I must apologize for the laziness that is lying ahead in this post.

In the midst of planning my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, I got a bit carried away into marshmallow heaven and realized I’d forgotten to add some fiber to the dinner. Perhaps you guys are having this issue as well. This recipe is a quick but delicious attempt to fix that problem.

Pan Motion

Honestly, I admire the simplicity of this recipe – everything from the turkey and gravy to the mashed potatoes to the buttery desserts can be overwhelming. I lied, they’re all delicious and dreamy but sometimes I just want a balance on my favorite holiday so I can feel less ashamed about inhaling everything else on the dinner table. Continue reading

Mashed Potato Latkes

sour creamI’m drowning in mashed potatoes.

These potatoes are the only thing I still have left over from Thanksgiving. I know I’m probably alone here, because most people are smart enough to realize that ten large potatoes are impossible for five people to finish, especially when you’re already serving them six other hearty side dishes. Now every time I open the fridge, those damn mashed potatoes are staring me down, judging me for my poor planning. Without all the turkey and gravy, I just can’t bring myself to eat them…and after a week, I really need to eat them.

latke stack

The answer? Latkes. Fluffy, delicious, jazzed up latkes. Continue reading