Loaded Shakshuka


It’s Friday! Or rather, Fri-yay! It’s been a long week, guys. I haven’t been getting much sleep this past week. I can blame it on my lifelong preference for nocturnal activities, or I can blame it on Pablo Escobar. Yes, “Narcos” has me stuck in bed, refusing to close my eyes because the chase for the kingpin is too suspenseful to turn away from. I think I’ll be the victim of “Chef’s Table France” next. I definitely have TV show FOMO.


But the weekend is here and I’m ready to get out of bed for good brunch food. Bring me all the eggs, please. Mimosas not optional. Continue reading

Creamy Tomato Bisque

Bisque Bowl

One of the most exciting things about cooking is finding a recipe you love and then tweaking it around. Letting your intuition and taste buds guide you into new, but familiar territory. At the end of that culinary journey, you pleasantly find that your instincts have done well and created something spectacular.


A lot of my recipes are developed that way – cooking through other people’s works and then undoing it for my sake. I think that’s the heart of the creative process – acquire what skills you need and then unlearn all of that to build something new. It’s so exciting this way.


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