Lemon Dutch Baby & White Chocolate Pistachio Whipped Cream

thick lemony dutch baby

I’ve always been a little late to the game.

whipped eggs

When skinny jeans first became a thing again in the early 2000s, I remember swearing that I would never be caught dead in them. They looked weird and alien-ish and I thought my hand-me-down bell bottoms were just so much cooler. Continue reading

Pear Cake with Caramel Chocolate Drizzle


Everyone thinks I’ve ruined Thanksgiving.

This year, I thought it would be fun to try a new dessert. I just decided that if Thanksgiving comes every single year, then there’s no harm in playing around with new food. If it doesn’t work out or if my family hates me for taking away their pie, then I can do better next year.

And honestly? I’m tired of pie. I like it just fine, but I’m bored with always eating the same ones. In the past I’ve been known to make chocolate cake in addition to pies for Thanksgiving, just so I would have something a little different on the table.


That’s the other problem I wanted to fix: lack of chocolate. As I’ve mentioned before, I need it to survive. It baffles me that there is not a single ounce of chocolate in a traditional Thanksgiving. So I took it upon myself to finally put an end to this madness.

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White and Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cookies


Since I started cooking and baking, I’ve been all about the marriage of sweet and salty in a single, perfect bite. And there’s a reason sweet and salty go so well together: science. It’s just how our taste buds were built.

Butter Egg

I know I’m late to the whole sweet and savory game with these cookies, but that actually makes me really happy. It means that now I can look for any recipe for salted cookies and get pages of results to choose from. I’m not alone in the corner putting salt in my sweets anymore (or sweets in my salties), and that’s pretty damn cool.

Mix 2 Pistachio

These cookies are big, so they’re soft in the middle and slightly chewy around the edges. In addition to the salted pistachios, white chocolate chunks and dark chocolate discs, we’re also throwing in a hint of orange zest. You can barely taste it and it really rounds out the flavors, but you can also easily leave it out. Continue reading