Ginger Scallion Wings


So the REAL winter is here. I was sure the winter vortex was going to bring White Walkers through the streets of Boston at those freezing temperatures. And if you didn’t get that Game of Thrones reference, please do yourselves a favor and go catch up before the new season starts. I won’t judge and you can enjoy binge watching while nibbling on these wings.

Wings Rack 2Another big event is just coming up – it involves beer, dancing, and touchdowns. See, I don’t follow football or usually watch the Super Bowl, but I do enjoy the food that surrounds this great American holiday. To me, it’s enjoying delicious bar food in the comfort of your own sweatpants. These ginger scallion wings are great for feeding others and yourself.

RawThe wings are so easy to make and the sauce can be prepped ahead of time. Bonus: It also warms up the entire kitchen to distract you from the bitter wind chills outside. Continue reading