Tomato Sauce with Sausages and Mushrooms

Tomato Sauce Final 2

January is halfway over. Isn’t that crazy? For me, the first month is always a bit confusing – we’ve eaten all these cookies and other feasts around the holidays and we’re expected to just go clean come the New Year. To add to that, it’s also the coldest month of the year. I try to eat healthy generally, but the wintry skies gently nudge me to stay at home and splurge on a hearty meal. You guys still following me?

Tomato Sauce Final

I’ve never been a big believer in diets, but I do occasionally cave into peer pressure to eat cleaner than I usually do during January. But let’s be realistic here: all you want in the middle of winter is a huge helping of pasta loaded with cheese. Tell me I’m not alone here. Continue reading

Curry Potato Leek Soup

Curry Potato Leek Soup Final

Happy Happy New Year! First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful time welcoming 2016 – I did it the old fashioned way by enjoying a bittersweet dinner at West Bridge’s last service and seeing Star Wars and being in bed before midnight rang out. Crazy stuff.

Curry Potato Leek Soup Spoon

Secondly, why is Boston so cold all of a sudden? It was over 60 degrees on Christmas Eve and I actually wore a dress. One week later and I’m bundled up in my wool coat and boots whenever I can summon the energy to go outside and pray I don’t get blown away by the sharp winds. My body and closet are equally confused by the hot and cold temper of Mother Nature. Literally. Continue reading

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

Crispy Potatoes

Is it just me or did Christmas just show up out of nowhere? I believe the warm weather is to blame for this mind trick. I’m not complaining about this very charming December we’ve been having, but I did maybe forget what month it was and had to rush out to the shops with the other Christmas procrastinators. It was not a pretty scene.

Crispy Potatoes Ingredients

Now that my very hectic shopping season is over, I can finally focus on the Christmas meal. What do people have on Christmas anyway? I’m never quite sure. People tell me it’s ham but I still want turkey but my squad informs me that’s so last month. Continue reading