Zucchini Leek Fritters


I am officially in hoodie and thick sweatpants mode and I love it. It’s like being wrapped by a thick reliable pillow 24/7. Good lounge wear is like the understanding boyfriend I never had. My gray hoodie and pajama bottoms are simultaneously my Netflix and cooking uniform. When in doubt, wear neutral colors.


With my cooking uniform on, it finally feels cool enough that standing next to a pan of hot oil before frying up something crispy actually sounds appealing. Besides, my thick gray uniform keeps the sizzling oil away from my skin. Netflix/food uniform/PJs/cooking armor – check it. Continue reading

Miso Roasted Vegetables

Miso Roasted Veggies

Do you hear that? August is here and the slow race to autumn has begun. Gradually, the shift in summer attitudes becomes increasingly obvious – light jackets, talk of Labor Day, and warmer beverages. For my sake, let’s hang on to the summer celebrations a little longer.

Local Vegetables

There are still plenty of fresh vegetables and barbecues to be consumed. It’s been a busy but wonderful summer – Leili went to Europe to fulfill her food dreams and we celebrated our blog’s first birthday this year. This recipe is one of the final salutes to summer of 2015. Continue reading